LC100 Snorkel on 4th Gen 4Runner

**I have to start off with the fact that I did record a video of the install but unfortunately, I needed the storage space on the GoPro for an unexpected trip.

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 After browsing the various options for a snorkel, I narrowed it down to a Land Cruiser 80 which has the more common snorkel head, or the Land Cruiser 100 which was more of a streamlined look. I opted for the Land Cruiser 100 snorkel which was purchased on eBay for around $70. If you hop on eBay and search LC100 Snorkel you will get a ton of items, 99% of them are all the same just from different sellers. You can find the one I bought pretty quick by looking for the horrible “Powerful” lettering that is embossed on the lower part of the snorkel.

Now, off to the details………..

Cutting the hole in the fender

1.    I threaded in 3 of the studs into the snorkel

2.    Held the snorkel where I liked it

3.    Using a rubber mallet I smacked the snorkel body a couple of times

This made a couple of small dents that I could then use as reference for applying the template to the fender. After the holes were drilled and the big hole was cut (using a Dremel) I tested the fitment to make sure it sat the way I wanted.

Attaching the inner piping

  1. Source a PVC elbow (I will update with proper size when I can measure it, or you can take a piece of the tube to the store and find the size you need) from home improvement store. The outside diameter fits perfect in the factory tube so I attached it and a hose clamp. I added a little bit of electrical tape to help take up some slack with the snorkel tube since it was slightly loose.

2. Cut off 1/2″ to 5/8″ from the inner fender adapter that connects to the snorkel. This will allow it to fit behind the fender.

3. Remove the splash shield, which in my case also meant I needed to remove the fender flare. I managed to break pretty much every clip so I bought new ones from Amazon.

4.    Attach the factory piece with the elbow back to the OEM box.

5.    Attach the rubber tubing, that was supplied with the kit, to the inner snorkel adapter. Hold these items in their spot inside the fender and mark the rubber tubing to trim off the excess.

6.    Add hose clamps to the rubber tube (1 for the PVC elbow and 1 for the inner adapter. Go ahead and slide a hose clamp over the factory rubber piece. As well as a hose clamp over the inner snorkel adapter. I had to tighten this one just a touch so that it wouldn’t move on me.

Now the fun part, bolting it all up.

  1. Connect all of the inner piping at tighten hose clamps where needed.

2. Slide everything into place and tighten the clamp on the OEM tubing to airbox.


3. Attach the mid pillar mounting bracket and the threaded studs into the base.

4.    From here it is pretty straight forward plus some aggravation. Hold the snorkel in place and start threading nuts onto the studs behind the fender. I had trouble getting to some of the upper nuts, a flex head ratcheting wrench came in handy.

5.    Once the nuts are on go ahead and snug up any remaining hose clamps.

6.    I did not use the supplied plastic rivet mounts or screws and opted for good ol’ fashion self tapping screws into the pillar. The holes will be smaller and easy to repair if I ever decide to ditch the snorkel.

Gallery of finished snorkel install

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