Windshield Washer Tank Relocation

After moving to a steel bumper, most 4Runner owners have to suffer with the washer tank hanging in front of the passenger tire almost completely exposed. This relocation uses a small coolant tank from Dorman and moves it behind the headlight. I am not the original owner of the idea but found the idea on the Facebook group 4th Gen 4Runner Familia.

Supplies Needed:

1 - Dorman 603-001 Coolant Reservoir Bottle

1 - 1/8” x 1-1/4” metal bar stock that is 2-1/2” long

1 - 1/8” x 1-1/4” metal bar stock that is 6” long

1 - 1/4” Vacuum Cap ***

3 - 1/4-20 rivet nuts ***

3 - Stainless Steel 1/4-20 x 1” screws and washers ***

*** Note: these links go to large packs, it might be easier to go to a local hardware store and pick these up in smaller quantities.

Tools Needed:

Drill of your choice

1-3/8” Stepper bit

3/8” drill bit

1/4” drill bit

Rivet Nut Setting Tool - I use an Astro 1442 tool but you can also get cheaper tools if you are only going to be using it for this project.

10mm Socket and ratcheting wrench


  1. Remove the factory washer tank by removing the three 10mm bolts and removing the two pumps from the tank by gently twisting and pulling on them. Make sure not to lose the rubber gasket.

  2. Assemble bracket.

    1. Take the 6” piece of metal and dril a 1/4” hole 1/2” from the edge. You will reuse a 10mm bolt from the original tank through this hole and into a nut factory welded to the engine bay.

    2. Bend 6” piece of metal at 2-1/2” at 90*

3. Take 2.5” piece of metal and drill a 3/8” hole at 5/8” from the edge

4. Weld short piece to long piece as shown. Optionally you can screw this together or use rivets.

5. Install rivet nut in the 3/8” hole.

6. Paint with the color of your choice.

So your final piece should resemble this….

3. Assemble the washer tank.

  1. Drill two 1 3/8” holes for the pumps


2. Insert the rubber gaskets, then gently twist and push the pumps into place.

3. Use the 1/4” rubber vacuum cap and slide it over what would be the coolant overflow line on the bottom to seal it.

4. Install the tank

  1. Install the bracket using one of the original 10mm bolts

2. Install the washer tank using one of the 1/4-20 bolts on the bottom of the tank to the rivet nut on the bracket.

3. Mark the location of the top two holes, then remove the bottom bolt and tank.

4. Drill the top two holes and install two more rivet nuts.

5. Reinstall the tank and loosely install all three 1/4-20 bolts. Once all three bolts are threaded in you can tighten them down.

6. Once the tank is securely mounted you can plug up the connectors and hoses. You may have to disconnect a couple of plastic clips under the headlights to gain enough slack to relocate the wires and hoses.

7. Refill tank with your choice of windshield washer fluid.

That’s it, you should be all set. Now you can enjoy the extra room or just not have to worry about smashing the tank on anything.

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