New Wheels bring more tinkering.


Method Wheels

with Toyo Open Country R/T Tires

At the Rendevous in the Ozark event I picked up a set of Method Double Standard wheels in 17 x 8.5” with 0 offset and very low mileage set of 295/75/18r Toyo Open Country R/T tires. I had been wanting to drop to a 17” wheel to gain some more sidewall over my 18” factory wheels but I could not justify the cost of having to buy brand new wheels and tires when my tires were practically brand new. Let’s just say the price was so good I could not pass it up.

Now if you have ever seen Method Wheels in person then you know that the center caps are HUGE! Im talking 5” or 6” deep huge. For the first week I ran with the center caps because I just couldn’t bring myself to installing them. After realizing that I didn’t like the “no center cap” look I decided to put my 3D printer to work. After a few minutes of tinkering in Fusion 360 I came up with a basic center cap that I could live with.

After 3-4 coats of filler primer and 3-4 coats of matte black spray paint I was ready to mount the new center caps. I used stainless steel M8 x 25mm bolts and locking nuts to secure the caps to the original Method rings.