Use this form to request template and instruction files. Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions. I provide these files for hobbyist like me to make their own parts, save money and take pride in doing something themselves. I do not provide these files for someone to make alterations or build a new design based on my design to then sell for profile. I put in the time and I am proud of my designs. I do not wish to see them used in anyway for someone else to make money. If that was the case I would offer the finished parts myself. If you would like to fabricate and sell parts then you are more than welcome to R&D your own design, I can even provide tips on how I made mine if you would like to contact me for further discussion. Please be respectful and courteous to my wishes. Many people have built parts from my files, I would like to continue giving them out without getting taken advantage of.

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By requesting this template you are agreeing to not redistribute, modify, post online, resell or give away any of the documents (including the actual designs) without strict written consent. Although you can build as many designs as you like, you are also not permitted to use these documents to make any part or parts that will be sold commercially or for profit without strict written consent. Point blank, these documents are provided for DIY hobbies to build parts for their vehicle. They are not for you to use as a base for your own design and in no way used to make a profit by building parts from these documents. Please be respectful and courteous.